Welcome to new HudsonAlpha associate companies

Several companies recently joined the more than 30 life science companies that call HudsonAlpha home. Here are profiles of two of our newest associate companies.

BioDynami Corporation is a biotechnology company that provides innovative solutions for life science research and development. Currently, BioDynami focuses on next generation sequencing (NGS) and molecular cloning. The company provides reagents for NGS, DNA cloning and PCR cloning and offers services for NGS library construction, custom vector design and DNA cloning. BioDynami’s goal is to provide the best solutions in the field to make research and development easier.

BioDynami HudsonAlpha associate company

MIRA Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company that offers a broad product line of generic liquid and semi-solid prescription drugs. MIRA aspires to develop and deliver time saving, high quality products sold at a fair price for uses in the market of generic liquid and semi-solid prescription drugs. The founders of MIRA believe that the opportunities created by the marketplace, coupled with the company founder’s extensive experience in the development and marketing of products in this sector, will serve as a solid foundation for the company and will be an engine for future growth.