Upcoming Events Fall 2016

ImmunoGenomics Conference

HudsonaAlpha Institute for Biotechnology
September 26-28

The ImmunoGenomics Conference is an international conference that brings together leaders and researchers exploring the application of genomic technologies to understand the immune system and development of disease.
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Big Picture Exhibit
October 11-19
HudsonAlpha Atrium

After two years of planning, analysis, and community engagement, the BIG Picture is beginning to shape the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Huntsville. The City of Huntsville invites you to the HudsonAlpha atrium as they provide a review of what they’ve heard from you, and where they think the new master plan is going. The exhibit will offer a look at the Principles that can guide our growth, the challenges that we as a community will need to address, and the amazing opportunities for the future of Huntsville.