HudsonAlpha/UAH College of Business partnership update

A collaboration between the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology and The University of Alabama in Huntsville is enhancing the educational experiences for UAH business students and helping HudsonAlpha with local economic development efforts. The program, called the HudsonAlpha-University of Alabama in Huntsville Entrepreneurship Collaboration , includes speaker exchanges from HudsonAlpha and the College of Business; UAH assistantship programs for HudsonAlpha and associate companies; and workforce development initiatives for UAH business school students and the associate companies. The partnership is led jointly by HudsonAlpha Vice President for Economic Development Carter Wells and UAH Interim Dean of the College of Business Administration Bob Scherer.

“This collaborative effort between HudsonAlpha and UAH has already proven beneficial to both sides,” said Wells. “I look forward to continuing to find success with this program.”

HudsonAlpha-UAH College of Business Administration Graduate Assistantship Program 

This is a program where Economic development Graduate Assistants help recruit life science businesses to the Institute, provide assistance to the more than 30 associate companies and work to create a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship at HudsonAlpha.

Sean McKinney currently works as an economic development Graduate Assistant at HudsonAlpha. Sean is a graduate student at UAH studying business analytics, a program that teaches students to use advanced analytic tools and techniques to give organizations a competitive advantage. Business analytics helps business leaders use data to inform and drive decision-making.

Sean also recently helped conduct a survey of all associate companies. Sean is using business analytics to help interpret the survey results and to recommend ways to make our relationships with associate companies even better.

Speaker Exchange

The HudsonAlpha-UAH collaboration also includes a speaker exchange, where College of Business professors speak to HudsonAlpha associate companies about various business topics. In exchange, HudsonAlpha executives and associate company leaders speak to UAH business students about their experiences starting and growing a business in the biotech sector.

In January, Marshall Schreeder, the cofounder and CEO of HudsonAlpha associate company Conversant Bio spoke to Dr. Yeolan Lee’s class (assistant professor of management, business administration) about the business of biotech. At the beginning of March, William MacKenzie, Ph.D., the interim associate dean of the UAH College of Business Administration visited HudsonAlpha to share information with our associate companies about effective human resources strategies and common misunderstandings about human resource issues.