Associate company news

HudsonAlpha associate companies bring unmatched diversity to Huntsville’s high-tech community and provide a significant impact on life science work happening around the state. Here are a few news updates from our associate companies.

iXpressGenes awarded $100,000 grant to identify novel antibiotics
HudsonAlpha associate company iXpressGenes has received a $100,000 Department of Defense Small Business Innovation grant to analyze environmental DNA in search of novel antibiotics. iXpressGenes is a synthetic biology company that specializes in protein services and instrumentation and protein and genetic engineering research.

CFDRC promotes Sameer Singhal to Chief Operating Officer
CFD Research Corporation has announced the promotion of Sameer Singhal to Chief Operating Officer. In this new role, Mr. Singhal will be tasked with executing CFDRC’s mission of developing cutting edge technologies and delivering high value solutions for government and industry. In particular he will focus on further leveraging the rich R&D core of CFDRC and getting technology out of the lab and into the hands of end users

HudsonAlpha helping to bring Google fiber to Huntsville
Google Fiber is bringing its gigabit-speed, fiber optic Internet and television service to Huntsville. Huntsville mayor Tommy Battle and a group of local leaders, including HudsonAlpha Technology Director and Leavendary CEO, Peyton McNully, have been working to bring ultra-high-speed Internet to Huntsville companies, businesses and homes. Since the push began, the fiber company Southern Light has begun installing fiber-optic service to businesses in Cummings Research Park, which will benefit big data users such as HudsonAlpha. Read the full story on

Serina Therapeutics begins clinical trials on new Parkinson’s treatment
Serina Therapeutics, Inc., Inc., has started Phase I trials for SER-214which may offer Parkinson’s disease patients an alternative to existing oral agents that do not provide continuous drug delivery. Patients in the trial will receive one subcutaneous shot a week, which will continuously release the drug to provide long-term symptom relief. Currently, Parkinson’s patients need to take medication several times a day, and no medication delivers a steady stream of medication to the brain.

Diatherix enters into strategic partnership with IQuity Labs
IQuity Labs, a company specializing in leading-edge diagnostic tests for autoimmune disease and related conditions, announced it has entered into a strategic relationship with HudsonAlpha associate company Diatherix to provide laboratory services and sales to providers.

Kailos Genetics partners with Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office
Kailos Genetics, a personalized medicine information company offering leading-edge gene-based testing, has entered into an agreement with the Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO) to continue development of a laboratory and software solution for analysis and identification of genetic material. Findings uncovered through genome sequencing have the ability to aid in investigative work and population analysis.