Internship Positions

Supervising Lab/Company: Han Lab – iCubate

Position: Assay Development Assistant

Hours per week: 30

Description: iCubate is seeking an intern to assist with the development of assays for the company’s platform for molecular diagnostics. The intern selected will have a research background in molecular biology-based assay development. Responsibilities will include reagent preparation and maintenance, experimental design and troubleshooting and data analysis. The intern should be able to maintain accurate and detailed records and effectively communicate research findings. The candidate selected will likely have multiple projects/tasks ongoing with members of the assay development group.

Experience or Skills: Background in molecular biology, microbiology or related discipline Experience in assay development, particularly with PCR-based techniques Experience with laboratory techniques including nucleic acid extraction, PCR and RT-PCR, gel electrophoresis, hybridization, primer design, bacteria cell culture, and reagent preparation.

Supervising Lab/Company: Leavendary

Position: Beer Biologist Intern

Hours per week: 20

Description: Leavendary is seeking help in providing biology support to its client craft brewers. In this position you will work with propagating large batches of “pitchable” yeast, conducting quality control tests, and research and development activities. If you like plaid, blue jeans, and beer this is the internship for you.

Number of postitions expected: 2

Experience or Skills: We get dirty, and that can’t be a big deal. Also, the position will involve lots of mopping.

Supervising Lab/Company: Genome Sequencing Center

Position: Bioinformatics Research Intern

Education Level: Undergraduate or Graduate

Hours per week: 30

Description: An internship position supporting the bioinformatics and data analysis efforts in the Genome Sequencing Center is available. In this position, you will support a team of scientists in the manipulation, assembly, and exploration of the genomic sequence of organisms relevant to the Department of Energy (DOE). Possible projects include genome assembly, genetic map generation/integration, and next generation sequence analysis. Main responsibilities will include working closely with the scientists at the GSC in the design/implementation of computational tools for use by the team.

Experience or Skills: A strong interest in bioinformatics and computer science is required Programming experience (Python, Perl, C++) and strong math skills are needed Comfortable working with Mac/Linux/Unix-based systems is preferred.

Supervising Lab/Company: CFD Research Corporation

Position: Biomedical Research Intern

Education Level: Undergraduate or Masters level graduate student

Hours per week: 25

Description: CFDRC is currently seeking candidates for an internship position in the Biomedical Technologies division. The selected person will work closely with scientists and engineers on design, fabrication and testing of microfluidic devices for cellular and molecular biological assays. Website:

Experience or Skills: Experience in laboratory with analytical and optical equipment is desired. Other preferred experiences include basic knowledge of fluidics and biology.[/cq_vc_materialcard]

Supervising Lab/Company: Conversant Bio

Position: Biotechnology Intern

Education Level: Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in a life sciences field

Hours per week: 30

Description: Intern will rotate through major areas of the company in order to receive exposure to the workflow of a biotech company, including Sales, Marketing, Clinical Site Operations, Histopathology, Clinical Accounts, Quality and Customer Success. Duties may include some or all of the following: Conduct reserach on potential biopharmaceutical companies or clinical sites Update information in SalesForce database Organize and label FFPE (formalin Fixed paraffin embedded) blocks and slides Attend meetings Support departments in other duties as assigned Work on ad hoc projects as assigned Build a good working relationship with your colleagues at ConversantBio; you will need them and they wil need you Live ConversantBio’s core values: Glad to Be Here, Open & Honest Communication, Fail Forward Website:

Experience or Skills: High attention to detail Strong organizational skills Effectively and clearly speak, write and communicate in a pleasant and professional manner Work independently or with a team Self-motivated, efficient and balanced Abilithy to maintain a positive and productive attitude with those who you interact with on a daily basis

Supervising Lab/Company: Volatile Analysis

Position: Chemical Analysis Intern

Education Level: An undergraduate or masters level graduate student majoring in chemistry or a related field. Must have taken at least freshman level chemistry lab.

Hours per week: 30

Description: Volatile Analysis Corporation works with volatile odorous compounds as its primary business.  Volatile profiles are investigated utilizing GC-MS/O techniques and technology.  During an intern’s time over the summer, we anticipate the following types of projects will be available in which the intern will participate: Absorption technologies will be evaluated comparatively to demonstrate performance in evaluating diseases based on volatile profiles. Evaluation of plant volatiles from genetically modified plants Note: The intern in this position will spend approximately 80% of of their time commitment at the Volatile Analysis lab in Grant, Alabama. Website:

Experience or Skills: Must have excellent oral and written communication skills and be able to work independently as well as with a team. Strong organizational skills with the ability to efficiently evaluate, prioritize and handle multiple and changing priorities and projects.[/cq_vc_materialcard]

Supervising Lab/Company: Serina Therapeutics, Inc.

Position: Chemistry Intern

Education Level: An undergraduate science student majoring in chemistry or biology.

Hours per week: 25

Description: Learn simple polymer chemistry properties in relation to synthesis, conjugation and performance. Be willing to perform these tasks independently. Learn analytical methods and tools that are necessary to characterize these compounds. Some of the instruments that the candidate will be asked to learn are HPLC, UV-spectrophotometer and NMR. Take supervision from full-time chemists but also be willing to contribute on research findings. Be able to understand and interpret analytical data obtained from experiments. Maintain a laboratory notebook to accurately record procedures and results. Website:

Experience or Skills: Knowledge of use of PC software such as Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Must have excellent communication skills (written and oral) and the ability to participate in a team environment. Experience in writing scientific reports and presenting data to peers is a plus.

Other Requirements: Performance of tasks essential to the job function may require the employee to work directly with, handle, or otherwise come into contact with chemicals, pharmaceutical agents and biological matrices. Employee must be able to wear respiratory protection (filtering face piece, ½ face, full-face or powered air purifying respirator, supplied air or self-contained breathing apparatus) for certain tasks essential to the job function. Employee must sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Supervising Lab/Company: Communications

Position: Communications Intern

Hours per week: 20

Description: Digital communications intern to assist with: Populating HudsonAlpha websites including updating current pages and building new content; Email marketing, building engagement through clickable content; Search Engine Optimization.

Experience or Skills: Applicants with some or all of the following skills will be preferred: Knowledge of WordPress/HTML and web development experience Knowledge of digital marketing strategies, Search engine optimization Knowledge of email marketing strategies Knowledge of metrics tools for digital measurement

Supervising Lab/Company: G. Cooper Lab

Position: Computational Research Intern in Genomic Sciences

Hours per week: 30

Description: This computational internship position requires an upper-level undergraduate or Master’s level student. The opportunity will involve programming to support a clinical genetics research project. Particular focus will be given to the development of computational tools to track and manage analyses. Applicants should have a strong interest in both computation and biology.

Experience or Skills: Fluency in multiple computational environments, especially OS X and command line interfaces with UNIX-like operating systems Experience with one or more scripting languages like Perl, Python, or others Comfort manipulating large text files and datasets from diverse information sources Strong communication skills and a readiness to work with others Interests in human genetics and genomics and familiarity with relevant, basic biological concepts

Supervising Lab/Company: Educational Outreach

Position: Digital Education Intern

Hours per week: 20

Description: This position requires a detail oriented graphics artist/animator that can work independently and meet short deadlines. The digital education intern will be responsible for updating and creating web content associated with HudsonAlpha’s digital education activities The Progress of Science, HudsonAlpha iCell, HG Helix, Genome Gateway, the Digital Guidebook and GenomeCache. The intern will work directly with HudsonAlpha Education staff to contribute text, image and video assets as well as update databases associated with the activities.

Experience or Skills: Ability to work independently as well as in a team Expertise in one or more of the following: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Cinema 4D, Adobe Illustrator, Unity Experience in video editing and animation building is desired but not required A background in art or in biological illustration is also desired but not required

Supervising Lab/Company: Economic Development

Position: Economic Development Assistant

Hours per week: 25

Description: The Economic Development Department is seeking an intern with an interest in life sciences and with a career path in a business-related field. This intern will assist the Economic Development team with the “Business Retention and Expansion” efforts of the group. This will include interaction with a number of the HudsonAlpha Associate Companies as well as with HudsonAlpha mission areas and administration. Examples of projects and tasks could include, but not be limited to, projects designed by and for an associate company; a variety of market research projects for the Economic Development group; and coordination and support of general HudsonAlpha events. Additionally, this intern will assist with refining economic development content for multiple platforms – including print, web, and social media. The intern will function as part of the Economic Development team, contributing ideas and executing plans for furthering the Institute’s mission.

Experience or Skills: Strong communication skills – written and oral Ability to use open-source resources for business/market research Career path in business, entrepreneurship, marketing, economics and finance Enthusiasm for and interest in economic development, job creation, capital improvement, governmental relations and building a regional hub for the life sciences.

Supervising Lab/Company: Barsh Lab

Position: Evolutionary Bioinformatics Intern

Hours per week: 30

Description: The intern will work on the bioinformatic annotation and analysis of mammalian genome sequence and transcriptome data from unconventional (non-model) organisms.

See or for an example. This is a heavily computer-based position that requires initiative, independence and critical thinking.

Experience or Skills:Working knowledge of command line interface and scripting language(s) such as Perl or Python Familiarity with basic biological and genetic principles Strong background in, and experience with computing

Other Requirements: Interest in evolution, biology and natural variation

Supervising Lab/Company: Mendenhall Lab

Position: Gene Regulation and Genome Engineering Intern

Hours per week: 30

Description: The Mendenhall Lab is using the CRISPR/Cas9 method of genome engineering to determine the consequence of DNA sequence variation in humans. We are seeking an enthusiastic individual to assist with the design and cloning of DNA vectors and cell culture models of human phenotypes. This position is suited for biology, chemistry or engineering majors, and requires independence, organization and critical thinking. Alternatively, the Mendenhall lab uses computational biology to uncover basic biological insights of gene regulation, including analysis of epigenomic datasets and machine learning methods. Students with experience in programming, especially in Python and R, will be able to gain experience in these research projects.

Experience or Skills: Experience in common laboratory techniques or computer programming a plus, but not necessary Highly motivated student who will take advantage of the opportunity Students interested in pursuing PhD or MS in biology or computational biology preferred.

Supervising Lab/Company: Educational Outreach

Position: Genetic Counseling Intern

Hours per week: 20

Description: This position will work closely with the genetic counseling team at HudsonAlpha. Activities will include developing and implementing educational resources and programs for healthcare audiences and providing support for the genetic counseling aspects of projects at HudsonAlpha and the Smith Family Clinic for Genomic Medicine, LLC. The selected student will gain hands-on experience communicating complex genomic information in person, over the phone and in writing.

Education: The ideal candidate for this internship is an undergraduate or graduate student interested in pursuing a career as a genetic counselor.

Experience or Skills: Ability to work independently as well as in a team Ability to communicate in a professional and clear manner Strong attention to detail Foundational understanding of genetics and genomics concepts Documentation of Hepatitis B vaccination and negative Tuberculosis skin test (or willingness to complete prior to start of internship) Willingness to comply with Institute and Clinic policies and procedures

Supervising Lab/Company: Myers Lab

Position: Genomics Laboratory Assistant

Hours per week: 30

Description: Interns will be immersed a leading genomics laboratory working on a variety of projects relating to human disease and transcriptional regulation. The Myers lab uses genomics approaches to better understand and classify human disease focusing on undiagnosed pediatric disorders, ALS, breast, pancreatic, and kidney cancer. Interns can expect to learn a variety of techniques, both on the lab bench and computational, related to using genomics and genetics to study human biology and disease.

Number of positions expected: 1 or 2

Experience or Skills: The most important requirement is a motivated student who will take advantage of the opportunity, as there are so few positions available for the number of applicants. While the student does not have to be certain that he/she wants to go to graduate school to become a scientist, we are definitely interested in those undergrads and Masters students who are considering science as a career (we’ll consider beginners, as well as those who already have some lab experience). Interest and experience in computation in a terminal environment is helpful, though not necessary.

Supervising Lab/Company: Genomics Lab

Position: Genomics Laboratory Intern

Hours per week: 30

Description: Dr. Lazar focuses on human whole genome sequencing studies for rare and cardiovascular diseases, characterizing variants that are discovered with these approaches. With many variants of ambiguous causality, known as Variants of Uncertain Significance (VUS), these variants must be tested for impact to normal biology. This internship will provide an opportunity to work with one or two of these VUS discovered from patients. Variants will be introduced into various expression vectors or cell lines through CRISPR/Cas9 followed by molecular and biochemical characterization. The internship will provide experience in protein modeling, molecular dynamic simulations of proteins, protein purification, protein-protein interaction assays, cell culture, and cellular functional assays depending on the disease of interest.

Experience or Skills: Basic experience with cell culture or protein purification is useful, but not required.

Supervising Lab/Company: Worthey Lab

Position: Going Beyond the Diagnosis Internship

Hours per week: 30

Description: Currently in many rare disease cases, even where we have obtained a molecular diagnosis, we remain unable to predict the expected severity and path of the disease phenotype. This leaves patients and their families in limbo waiting to see how the particular course of disease will present in them or their family members. Through in-depth analyses taking into account both the nature of the change and how it may affect both the structure and function of the resulting protein and its interactions with other cellular components as well as integration of existing genotype – phenotype datasets, we believe that we can do a much better job of providing clinically useful phenotype predictions.
This position will use a variety of methods to study this approach in a number of patients where useful data already exists. The goal is to determine whether in these and other cases we can go beyond the diagnosis and find information to share about the potential path of an individual patient’s disease.

Education: Background in general biology, genomics and statistics preferred.

Experience or Skills: Some programming experience preferred, but general computer skills (Microsoft Office and Google apps) are a must Strong desire to work on clinical analysis of whole genome sequence data Ability to work at a computer monitor for significant portions of the day Cluster/command line experience

Supervising Lab/Company: Information Technology-HudsonAlpha

Position: Information Technology Intern

Hours per week: 20

Description: An introduction to cloud computing and technical operations for research compute environments. Gain hands-on experience with the Linux operating system, scripting, cloud apps and version control. This work involves challenging opportunities, real projects, and interaction with staff, researchers, and associate companies at HudsonAlpha.

Experience or Skills: Basic (no, I mean really basic) python, bash, and javascript experience Basic Linux operating system experience (do you know the difference in ‘dir’ and ‘ls’?) Interest in containers (Docker) and service automation Basic understanding of version control (Git)

Supervising Lab/Company: GeneCapture, Inc.

Position: Lab Technician

Hours per week: 25

Description: GeneCapture is developing a portable, rapid gene expression screener. The instrument, which is currently a prototype, has many applications in the health care and bio-security fields. Interns work in our BSL2 lab running validation tests on the instrument and preparing buffers and dilutions for testing. More advanced interns with an interest in genetic target design may help with that task as well. If an intern actively participates in testing that is part of a published paper, the intern will receive publication credit. We are a small and fun team working on a highly important project. Website:

Experience or Skills: Freshman level biology or chemistry lab experience[/cq_vc_materialcard]

Supervising Lab/Company: Kailos Genetics

Position: Molecular Diagnostics Intern

Hours per week: 30

Description: The intern in this position will: Perform basic research for novel clinical and/or human identity assays Be responsible for the performance of DNA extraction, PCR and sequencing applications Develop and utilize laboratory skills in the support of DNA variant identification, epigenetic (methylation) changes and potentially applications for new sequencing devices Write brief reports, data summaries, and contribute to publications and presentations for scientific meetings. Website:

Experience or Skills: Knowledge of the theories, practices and procedures of PCR and DNA sequencing Strong organizational skills with the ability to efficiently evaluate, prioritize and handle multiple and changing priorities and projects Excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to express scientific results in a clear, concise manner Skill in the use of computers in a laboratory setting; word processing software experience is preferred.

Supervising Lab/Company: Swaminathan Lab

Position: Plant Genomics Intern

Hours per week: 30

Description: The Swaminathan lab uses functional genomics, molecular biology and bioinformatics to understand traits of importance for sustainable energy production. The intern will have the opportunity to learn molecular biology techniques as well as some basic genomic data analysis. The work will focus on C4 bioenergy grasses and may include some sample collection in the field, sample processing, data analysis, and testing hypotheses from the data analysis in a wet lab.

Number of Positions Expected: 2

Education: We will consider undergraduates who have chosen biology as their major, as well as life science masters students

Experience or Skills: An interest in plant biology, but no prior experience in it, is essential. The student must also be highly motivated and interested in a career biology. It is important that the intern is meticulous in their note taking, capable of working independently, and is a good team player. Since we do collect samples in the field, there must be a willingness to work outdoors.

Supervising Lab/Company: Educational Outreach

Position: Science Education Intern

Hours per week: 30

Description: HudsonAlpha Educational Outreach is seeking an undergraduate or Master’s level student preparing for a career in biology education to support the staff in educational programs throughout the summer. The intern will prep laboratory spaces and materials for programs, prepare activities and lead educational experiences for a variety of audiences including middle school campers and high school program participants, and keep thorough records of educational outreach events. The intern’s research focus will be an introspective on summer outreach experiences as preparation for classroom instruction.

Education: Pursuing a career in life science education

Experience or Skills: Good communication skills A strong attention to detail Self-directed and able to work independently A solid foundation in word processing, spreadsheets and Internet searches A willingness to work with students of all ages

Supervising Lab/Company: iCubate, Inc.

Position: Software Development Internship

Hours per week: 25

Description: iCubate is seeking an intern to assist in the design and development of computer software related projects. Applicants for the position should have skills and experience in one or more computer programming languages and/or web-based software applications. The intern will work with senior software developers to design, analyze, and implement new software features related to iCubate’s Business Management System(iCubate BMS), Inventory Control Program(InFlow), Task Management System(JIRA), computer managements task, and software deployment activities. Website:

Preferred candidates will have most, or all, of the following skills and experience:

  • Two or more years experience writing Java or C# software applications.
  • Experience with web-based applications and design tools.
  • Experience using Apple iMac computers and general knowledge of computer operating systems.
  • Must be eager, self-motivated, and have excellent oral and written communications skills.
  • Must be able to work independently or as part of a small coding team.
  • Must have willingness and ability to learn new skills and adjust to changing project demands.