The following companies have partnered with BioTrain to offer summer 2014 internship positions. More information about each company can be found by clicking on the company logos. If you are interested in a particular Associate Company, you will be able to view the internship positions offered by that company while completing the online application.

The biomedical division of CFD Research Corporation develops innovative solutions for lab-on-chip technologies, point of care devices, chemical and biological sensors, biologically inspired power sources, and systems biology and bioinformatics tools.  The new concepts, designs, prototypes and software are developed through highly competitive government contracts and then adapted, applied and licensed for industrial applications.

Conversant Bio logo

Conversant Bio is a worldwide supplier of U.S.-sourced human clinical specimens for research and development applications. Conversant’s product, high quality disease specimens matched with in-depth, privacy-protected clinical information, gives researchers a critical tool in the development of diagnostic tests, prognostic indicators and therapeutic treatments.

Diatherix Laboratories is an emerging leader in infectious disease diagnostics and drug resistance detection services. Using a multiplexing platform, Diatherix Laboratories has developed a series of molecular differential diagnostic services that enables unprecedented speed and accuracy for health care providers in the identification of disease-producing pathogens, leading to appropriate treatment for patients. Diatherix Laboratories is a CLIA certified laboratory.

iCubate Inc., is a privately held molecular diagnostic company based in Huntsville, Ala. The company is housed in the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. The iCubate System uses breakthrough, proprietary technology, arm-PCR, and its innovative platform to accurately and rapidly detect multiple pathogens in one test.

Leavendary supplies yeast to specification for brewers of craft beer. Any strain, any pitch rate, and any brewing schedule. We also staff a state of the art micro/molecular biology lab ready to tackle any test or any project your brand needs to grow.

Serina Therapeutics, Inc. is the only company in the world to develop polyoxazoline polymers for pharmaceutical applications. POZ polymers are multifunctional and can be coupled to known drugs, creating novel therapeutics to dramatically alter pharmacokinetics. Molecules that normally have short duration times in the body can be converted to molecules with prolonged activity – sometimes as long as weeks.