The fields of genetics and biotechnology are fast-paced, with new discoveries being made on a weekly basis and many of those findings being used to develop new tests and products in medicine, energy and agriculture. It can be challenging to keep up with the research and determine how to incorporate it into the classroom. The HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, located in Huntsville, Alabama, has created the attached guidebook that highlights 23 key genetic and biotechnology technologies linked to course of study objectives for Alabama life science and career/tech classes. Each year the guidebook is updated with new findings and applications, providing teachers with a quick way to stay up-to-date and incorporate the latest research into classroom discussions.


HudsonAlpha is a not-for-profit research organization supported by federal grants, private donations and funding from the state of Alabama. It seeks to harness the power of biotechnology to improve human health, stimulate economic growth and encourage youth to seek careers in science. HudsonAlpha has partnered with the Alabama Math, Science and Technology Initiative (AMSTI) to develop a number of genetic and biotechnology lab kits used in middle and high schools across Alabama. In addition, HudsonAlpha offers professional development opportunities for teachers.

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