Welcome to 2018 Biotech 101!

In HudsonAlpha’s Biotech 101 seminar series, you’ll be introduced to the field of biotechnology and the influence of genetics on human health and disease. You’ll learn DNA basics and the relevance of genetics and genomics in medicine, agriculture and the environment. Each session includes a primer on basic genetic concepts followed by examples of these concepts in a research and/or commercial setting and presented by HudsonAlpha scientists and educators.

The 2018 Biotech 101 series will be held on September 4, 11, 18 and 25 from 6:30-8 pm in the Jackson Center.

Session 1: September 4Handouts will be posted following Session 1.
Session 2: September 11Handouts will be posted following Session 2.
Session 3: September 18Handouts will be posted following Session 3.
Session 4: September 25Handouts will be posted following Session 4.

For questions about HudsonAlpha’s Biotech 101/201 series, please contact Stacey Brewer at sbrewer@hudsonalpha.org.