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Dr. Neil Lamb presents Beyond the Blog, a companion to Shareable Science, to help make sense of the science related to the coronavirus COVID-19. This ongoing video series offers easy-to-understand explanations of the science behind the disease, how it spreads, and what scientists are doing to help diagnose and treat the disease. View now and check back for regular updates!

Posted: 10/08/2020

Vaccine Approval and Distribution - October 7

Posted: 10/01/2020

COVID Early Warning Defenses - September 30

Posted: 9/16/2020

COVID-19 Strains and Mutations - September 16

Posted: 9/09/2020

COVID Reinfections - September 9

Posted: 9/03/2020

Metabolism and COVID - September 2

Posted: 8/26/2020

Convalescent Plasma - August 25

Posted: 8/20/2020

Virus Transmission - August 20

Posted: 8/12/2020

Pooled Testing - August 12

Posted: 7/29/2020

Vaccine Update - July 27

Posted: 7/22/2020

COVID and Immune Response - July 20

Posted: 7/15/2020

Asymptomatic Spread - July 15

Posted: 7/9/2020

COVID-19 and Children - July 8

Posted: 7/1/2020

COVID-19 Curve Update - July 1

Posted: 6/18/2020

COVID-19 Risk Assessment - June 18

Posted: 6/12/2020

Treatments - June 12 update

Posted: 6/10/2020

Wastewater Testing - June 10 update

Posted: 6/5/2020

Antibodies - June 5 update

Posted: 6/3/2020

Herd Immunity - June 1 update

Posted: 5/29/2020

Misinformation - May 29 update

Posted: 5/27/2020

COVID-19 Outcomes - May 27 update

Posted: 5/22/2020

Treatment and Vaccine - May 20 update

Posted: 5/20/2020

Testing and Transmission - May 18 Update

Posted: 5/15/2020

Treatment and Vaccine - May 13 update

Posted: 5/13/2020

Symptoms and Testing - May 11 update

Posted: 5/8/2020

Treatment and Vaccine - May 6 update

Posted: 5/6/2020

Symptoms and Testing - May 4 Update

Posted: 5/5/2020

May Coronavirus Update

Posted: 4/23/2020

Antibodies and Treatment (1 of 2)

Posted: 4/23/2020

Antibodies and Treatment (2 of 2)

Posted: 4/16/2020

Is COVID-19 Seasonal?

Posted: 4/14/2020

COVID-19 Models

Posted: 4/10/2020

Face Masks

Posted: 4/8/2020

Holy Days In Light Of COVID-19

Posted: 4/6/2020


Posted: 4/3/2020

Q&A Reinfection And Mosquitos

Posted: 4/1/2020

COVID-19 Anti-Viral Drugs

Posted: 3/30/2020

Your Questions Answered

Posted: 3/27/2020

COVID-19 Treatments Overview

Posted: 3/27/2020

How Is COVID-19 Testing Done?

Posted: 3/26/2020

Flattening The COVID-19 Curve

Posted: 3/26/2020

Where Are We On The Curve?

Posted: 3/24/2020

What is Coronavirus?

Posted: 3/24/2020

COVID-19 Outcomes

Posted: 3/24/2020

COVID-19 Timeline and Symptoms

Posted: 3/24/2020

COVID-19 Spread and Prevention

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