Algorithms to improve genomics featured in HudsonAlpha research seminar

This week HudsonAlpha was virtually joined by computational biologist Haynes Heaton, MD, for the invited seminar series. Dr. Heaton is completing his doctoral degree in computational biology at the Sanger Institute at the University of Cambridge under the direction of Richard Durbin, PhD.

In his talk entitled, “Algorithms for exploiting structured complexity in genomics and single cell transcriptomics”, Dr. Heaton talked about his past experiences working in industry as a computational biologist and his current graduate work. His research is focused on developing algorithms for analyzing single cell RNAseq data.

Dr. Heaton discussed the role he played in creating souporcell, a tool to cluster cell by genotype, call doublet barcodes, and estimate the amount of ambient RNA in the system. To learn more about Dr. Heaton’s research, visit his webpage here.

This seminar was hosted by Greg Barsh, MD, PhD.

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