About the HudsonAlpha Biotech Campus


The HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology is the brainchild of founders James R. Hudson, Jr. and Lonnie S. McMillian. HudsonAlpha’s background in genomic research dates back to the Human Genome Project. In the 1990s, Hudson served as chief executive of biotech company Research Genetics, which became a leader in genetic linkage products and supplied synthesized DNA to the international effort. Rick Myers, Ph.D. (now president and science director of HudsonAlpha) used the DNA from Hudson’s company to sequence 11% of the Human Genome Project, an unprecedented “Team Science” approach to the science world.

Lonnie and I seized a special moment in history at the completion of the first human genome sequence when we envisioned an institute that would accelerate basic discoveries into real-world benefits.


HudsonAlpha merges research-driven discovery, education and entrepreneurship into a single enterprise, making it one of the most unique areas for genomic discovery in the country. HudsonAlpha has generated major discoveries that impact disease diagnosis and treatment, created intellectual property, fostered biotechnology companies and expanded the number of biosciences-literate people, many of whom will take their place among the future life-sciences workforce.

Genomic research, educational outreach and economic development: each mission area is essential in advancing the quality of life. Together, they convert research discoveries into real-world applications and represent the science of progress at HudsonAlpha. Many companies are already taking part of the collaborative environment.