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The Huntsville Times R&D Report

The Huntsville Times R&D Report
By Diana LaChance

Award-winning kidney dialysis catheter is easier on patients.

When it comes to biomedical innovation, it can be hard to change the existing paradigm.  Doctors – and insurance companies – tend to stick with what they know, with what has been proven to work in the past.  So it takes a special product to get the medical establishment to sit up and take notice.  B. Prabhakar Pandian, a principal scientist and director of the Bioengineering Laboratory at CFD Research Corp. (CFDRC), believes that he and his fellow researchers have come up with just that in their patented hemodialysis catheter.  "Most of the catheters on the market have a major recirculation problem," says Pandian.  So CFDRC’s researchers set out to create an improved catheter that would minimize this inherent problem.  Not only did they achieve their goal, but they also managed to solve a few other problems along the way.

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