The marketing and communications team at HudsonAlpha has been extraordinarily busy the past six months working on a new web presence and branding for the Institute and its associated endeavors.

Beyond the HudsonAlpha website, and the intranet, new sites launched for the Smith Family Clinic for Genomic Medicine in late November, and the HudsonAlpha Clinical Services Lab this week.  Also launched this week was the registration page for a new HudsonAlpha conference, the Genomic Medicine Conference. More details on the conference are coming soon.

HudsonAlpha web specialist Drew Parker, the lead on these projects along with Cathleen Shaw, isn’t taking a break. Now, he said, it’s time to focus on optimizing SEO on the sites and continuing to add content and tweak usability to maximize the experience for users.

“Our sites are good, we’re now going for great,” he said.



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