Five members of the Site Selectors Guild, an organization comprised of professional site selection consultants, will visit HudsonAlpha March 29-31 (Tuesday – Thursday). The Guild members will learn about the advantages of locating a life sciences company at HudsonAlpha with the goal of recommending our campus to companies looking to build or expand.

During the visit, the Guild members will hear from members of the economic development team, researchers, associate company executives, government representatives and economic development specialists from Huntsville and Madison County. They will share stories of HudsonAlpha’s research and collaboration, spinouts and licensing of intellectual property, associate company successes as well as why so many people enjoy calling North Alabama home. Additionally, HudsonAlpha economic development staff will show off our beautiful buildings, superior physical space and world-class turnkey benefits.

The short visit is a rare opportunity for HudsonAlpha to demonstrate its value to this type of audience. Please help us make them feel welcome!


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