Please join us for our next seminar Wednesday, March 22 at noon in the HudsonAlpha Auditorium featuring Marshall Horwitz, MD, PhD. Horwitz is a physician-scientist with a clinical practice in internal medicine and medical genetics. He is the director of the University of Washington Medical Scientist Training Program for MD/PhD students. His primary research has focused on identifying genes predisposing to hematologic malignancy and bone marrow failure syndromes and determining their mechanism of action. More recently, he has developed approaches for constructing cell fate maps from somatic mutations distinguishing individual cells.
Greg Barsh, MD, PhD, will host Wednesday’s seminar.
The next upcoming seminar will be Wednesday, March 29, featuring Mark Gillespie, PhD, professor and chairman of the Department of Pharmacology at the University of South Alabama College of Medicine in Mobile, Ala.
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