HudsonAlpha Journal - 2009, Volume 1, Issue 5

November 24, 2009


Boeing Company Charitable Trust Grant Supports GTACGTAC

The Boeing Company Charitable Trust recently gave a gift to HudsonAlpha to fund an educator workshop for twenty high school life science educators from across Alabama. This one week immersive experience will provide training in teaching and content using hands on modules to incorporate genetic concepts into the biology classroom. Applications for the GTAC program will be accepted starting December 1 through January 31. Read more.


What does personalized medicine mean to me?Personalized Medicine image

HudsonAlpha faculty investigators Drs. Neil Lamb, Rick Myers, and Chris Gunter recently authored an article in a special genomics issue of the journal Personalized Medicine. The article stresses both the importance and urgency of developing jargon-free and easily understood educational resources about genetic variation and testing. The article focuses on three audiences: the public, the physicians who treat them, and members of the popular media. Read more.

Innovation/Application: Digital Radiance

Digital Radiance logoDigital Radiance uses technology to make science education fun and engaging for all ages. One example of the blending of science and fun is HudsonAlpha Cell

Ron Phillips, president and CEO of Digital Radiance, answers questions about the company, their work and HudsonAlpha.


Get to know. . . J.D. FreyPhoto of J.D. Frey

Meet J.D. Frey, media manager, and learn how he creates the visual face of HudsonAlpha. Read more.


Why I support HudsonAlpha

HudsonAlpha Ambassador Dorcas Harris explains the importance of year-end giving.