HudsonAlpha Seminars hosted reproductive biologist Wei Yan, MD, PhD, today for a presentation on microRNAs as the master regulator of motile ciliogenesis.

Yan, a professor of physiology and of molecular and cellular biology at the University of Nevada School of Medicine, opened his discussion by arguing that the reproductive system is the most important system in the body. Using humor and anecdotes from the work in his lab, he walked the audience through his research that uncovered a connection between microRNA and motile cilia.

Concluding that miRNAs could be of diagnostic and therapeutic value, Yan said he anticipates more findings that connect human disease or conditions to immotile cilia.

In his research, Yan has a specific interest in genetic and epigenetic regulation of gametogenesis, bringing approaches to bear that lie at the intersection of developmental genetics and genomics, including non-coding RNA profiling and manipulation in experimental systems. His accomplishments include landmark studies in characterizing the expression landscape and biological roles of small RNAs during sperm and oocyte development, and unraveling the molecular basis of key developmental steps during spermatogenisis.

HudsonAlpha faculty investigator Greg Barsh, MD, PhD, hosted the seminar.


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