Empowering Personal Health

The Genomic Medicine Conference: Empowering Personal Health focuses on advancing knowledge in the field of genomic medicine in a clinical care setting. The interdisciplinary and international program is designed to educate a broad audience – including clinicians and scientists as well as members of the general public – about clinical whole genome sequencing (WGS) and how genomic medicine is increasingly being integrated into clinical care.

Through the event, attendees will gain a basic overview of genomic medicine and the future of personalized medicine. A distinguished roster of experts will discuss new findings, best practices and challenges facing the implementation of genomic medicine. Physicians can learn how to formulate a strategy for genomic testing, interpret genomic test results and implement best practices in the delivery of genomic test results to patients and families.

For more information:

Email: dpowell@hudsonalpha.org

Or call: 256-327-5218.

Check out presentations from the inaugural Genomic Medicine Conference in 2016 from Howard Jacob, PhD; Neil Lamb, PhD and Kelly East.


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