Greg Cooper’s Lab

Greg Cooper’s lab focuses on the analytical challenges and opportunities presented by affordable, routine sequencing of human genomes. We conduct research at the interface of human genetics, genomics and molecular evolution, motivated by the long-term goal of understanding how our genomes shape our lives.

We are interested in the structures, functions and evolutionary histories of human genomes, with an emphasis on applying genomic approaches to study human disease.  Our research includes computational analyses of the relationship between mammalian evolution and modern-day diversity, functional analysis of genetic contributions to gene expression and the identification and characterization of deleterious mutations that play causal roles in human disease.  We have ongoing projects related to:

  • Applications of comparative genomics to association studies
  • Exome and genome sequencing analysis of human disease
  • Identification and characterization of expression quantitative trait loci
  • Analysis of copy-number variable loci in severe pediatric disease

Lab Members


Greg Cooper

Principal Investigator

Kevin Bowling

Senior Scientist

Ben Weaver

Graduate Assistant Trainee

David Gray

Jr. Computational Biologist

Jana Whittle

Graduate Assistant Trainee

Susan Hiatt

Senior Scientist

Candice Finnila

Clinical Research Coordinator


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