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The sequencing of the human genome completed in 2003 launched an era of rapid advancements in genomic medicine – a scientific discipline that uses DNA sequencing and other advanced technologies to determine an individual’s disease risk, diagnosis, and the most effective treatment. Today, scientists and physicians recognize the potential of genomics to revolutionize medical practice by giving clinicians the ability to administer personalized healthcare based in part on an individual’s genotype. Genomics enhances our ability to determine the causes of inherited diseases and advance our understanding of complex disorders, enabling unprecedented new approaches to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of both common and rare diseases.

Focused on Innovative Research

The Center for Genomic Medicine was developed as a collaborative partnership of the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine and the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology with the primary mission of conducting research in genomic medicine and facilitating translation of research findings into clinical practice. In support of this mission, the Center brings together multidisciplinary teams from both institutions, comprised of physicians, clinicians, biotechnologists, geneticists, bioinformaticists, and other specialists who engage in collaborative research focused on genomic discoveries that will enhance and inform patient care.

Committed to Education and Outreach

As part of its core mission, the Center also offers a series of educational programs and resources in genomic medicine designed specifically for scientists, clinicians, and researchers. In addition, the Center provides a range of expertise and resources to clinicians and others interested in research and the integration of genomics into medical practice. Supported by UAB’s expertise in clinical genomic medicine and the advanced genomic capabilities of HudsonAlpha, the Center’s collaborative research initiatives are on the forefront of genomic discoveries with the potential to transform patient care and treatment in the 21st century.

News & Updates

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Newsletter Stories

Center for Genomic Medicine Awards Second Round of Pilot Grants

CGM Collaborators Dr. Sunil Sudarshan, UAB, and Dr. Devin Absher, HudsonAlpha, Received a NIH R01 to Develop Novel Therapies for renal cell carcinoma (RCC)

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