$2M awarded for Upland cotton genome sequence

July 27, 2015

Research will facilitate a new era of DNA-informed breeding and biology for cotton. HudsonAlpha faculty investigator Jane Grimwood, Ph.D., will share a $2.4 million grant with four other researchers to continue genomics research on Upland cotton. Funded by the National Science Foundation, the research is intended to advance the groundbreaking […]

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Immunogenomics 2015: Bruce Beutler

July 24, 2015

Photo taken by Brian Coats for UT Southwestern Medical Center. HudsonAlpha will host the third annual Immunogenomics conference on Sept. 28-30, 2015 on the biotech campus. This year’s conference will feature a number of leading thinkers at the intersection of genomics and immunology research, including Nobel Prize winning keynote speaker […]

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Biotech 101 Registration

July 14, 2015

We have reached our capacity for the 2015 Biotech 101 series. If you would like to join the waitlist, please click below and we will notify you if seats become available.

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Biotech Academy open house

July 14, 2015

Educators across Madison County joined the HudsonAlpha Biotech Academy graduates for an open house and reception on Friday, July 10. In its third year, Biotech Academy is an intensive, four-week active learning experience designed to introduce high school rising juniors and seniors to the foundations of molecular genetics, DNA barcoding, […]

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“Holy guanine, Batman!” Superheroes and genetic genius at the frontiers of science

July 10, 2015

By Matt Windsor│UAB Mix blog In a chilly room at Huntsville’s HudsonAlpha Institute forBiotechnology, a multi-million dollar band of superheroes is solving genetic puzzles from around the globe. In the hands of Shawn Levy, Ph.D., and his crack team of sequencing experts, these next-generation machines are a centerpiece of the UAB-HudsonAlpha Center […]

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Sequencing sorghum for bioenergy

June 18, 2015

The HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, in collaboration with the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center and others, has been awarded an $8 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy ARPA-E TERRA program to conduct research aimed at accelerating breeding and commercial release of economically viable bioenergy sorghum hybrids. The Genome […]

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HudsonAlpha expanding genetic counseling expertise

June 17, 2015

The HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology is adding two genetic counselors to the Educational Outreach team to continue the Institute’s mission of translating the power of genomics into real world solutions and to enhance the Institute’s ability to improve patient treatments and outcomes. Genetic counseling is a small but growing field, […]

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Wells Fargo Bank sponsoring ‘Science Saturday’

June 15, 2015

Through the funding support of Wells Fargo Bank, the Science Saturday program provides underrepresented young men across a wide range of grade levels with opportunities for hands-on science instruction outside the scope of the traditional school day. Photo: HudsonAlpha Education Specialist Madelene Loftin in the teaching lab with Stephen Norris, area president of […]

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Video: Enzyme science experiment you can do at home

June 12, 2015

In this al.com video, HudsonAlpha Education Specialist Dasi Price conducts a science experiment, using applesauce, to illustrate the role of enzymes. Enzymes are protein catalysts that change or alter the speed of chemical reactions by lowering the energy needed to start the reaction. “Enzymes are what we call in the biotechnology […]

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Couple establishes million dollar endowment for HudsonAlpha

June 11, 2015

Longtime philanthropists Joe and Pam Alexander will support the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology well into the future through their “Celebration of Life” endowment. “Giving back to the community that has given so much to us has become our dream,” said Pam and Joe.  “We wanted to do something that would continue beyond our lifetime.” […]

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