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Genomics is the language of life. HudsonAlpha scientists decipher its code. Propelled by game-changing technology and a drive for innovation, their expertise impacts human health, agriculture, energy and beyond.

HudsonAlpha’s innovative mission forges a unique connection between science, commerce, and education.


Today’s students are tomorrow’s biotech workforce. HudsonAlpha educators cultivate a genetically literate citizenry by creating engaging activities that connect scientific concepts to their application in our changing world.

The Institute is designed with collaboration in mind; work and social areas deliberately co-mingle to inspire teamwork.


Research discoveries drive new treatments and diagnostics. By co-locating scientists and entrepreneurs, HudsonAlpha speeds the movement of discoveries into the marketplace where they benefit patients and society.

Meet the Faculty

Our faculty investigators are engaged on multiple scientific fronts, searching for the genetic causes of childhood developmental delays and collaborating to develop biomarkers to diagnose ovarian cancer earlier and on Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS research. Our work is expanding the horizons of medicine, disease research, agriculture, and bioenergy.

Make the connection

There is a place for you at HudsonAlpha, whether you are a scientist in search of research opportunities with global impact or a local high school student pondering tomorrow’s world in today’s classroom.

The Science for Life newsletter will help you plug in to the parts of the institute that matter the most to you—our seminar series, upcoming events and Institute announcements, special opportunities to donate, even our weekly Cafe Menu. Connect with us. Discover with us. Learn with us.